Savannah Port Tour

A 90-minute exploration of the Historic Savannah Riverfront and Ports Authority where the big ships rule.

The Port of Savannah, the nation’s largest port in volume, contains over 50 piers, wharves, and docks. On this 90-minute tour you will experience a working port as it should be seen – from the water. This excursion begins with a scenic view of Savannah’s Historic Riverfront and then ventures upriver to the Georgia Ports Authority. Here, your captain/guide will discuss the variety of ships seen, the port operations, and products of the different terminals. Simply a Savannah experience not to miss!

$45 Adult | $35 Kids under 12 (kids under 2 years, free)


Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Excursion

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a gem of the Southeast Coast, and the lifeblood of the refuge, is the Savannah River.

This 3-hour boat tour will provide views of the Savannah Riverfront, an in-depth tour of the Georgia Ports Authority, and is a naturalist’s dream come true. The tour, led by a naturalist captain, will venture upriver from Savannah and navigate through portions of the 29,000-acre refuge’s tidal creeks and marshes. On the tour, you boat through what were 18th-Century plantation rice fields. Now, it is home to hundreds of bird species, diverse wildlife and a remarkable ecosystem.

$75 Adult | $60 Kids under 12 (kids under 2 years, free)


SAVannah Full Tide Discovery Tour

Explore the back waters, salt marsh creeks and magical remote islands that surround Savannah.

This 3 hour excursion is scheduled around optimal tides for access to remote and undeveloped locations that make Coastal Georgia unique. A nature lover and photographer's dream trip, you will see dolphins, birds, and beautiful scenery.

$75 Adult | $60 Kids under 12 (kids under 2 years, free)


Savannah Beachcombing Cruise

Our Beachcombing Cruise combines a tour of the Savannah Riverfront, a dolphin nature cruise, and time on a remote sandbar, shell bank, or beach.

We'll search for shells, sand dollars, crabs, starfish, and the occasional shark's tooth. Sandbars are only available to visit at low tide, so this trip leaves at different times each day depending on the tide. Trips are led by Naturalist Captain guides.

$75 Adult | $60 Kids under 12 (kids under 2 years, free)



This outstanding trip combines a boat ride to our private chain of islands with a beautiful kayak tour.

The 5 hour Outback Adventure begins with a scenic boat cruise through the Savannah River and into the Carolina Lowcountry salt marshes. Along the way, your naturalist captain will stop to view and discuss historic sites, dolphins and other wildlife.

Your destination is Page Island, a remote location, only accessible by boat, and often compared to a set of The Survivor Show. It is the perfect outpost to begin a distinctive kayak tour. The paddle will venture up a calm water creek with beautiful views and abundant wild life. After the paddle enjoy a picnic snack on the island before the return cruise. No experience necessary!

$95 Adult | $75 Kids under 12

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