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Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Excursion

Quick Details

Child Ages 12 and under
Small Child Under 2

Explore the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a gem of the Southeast Coast, and the lifeblood of the refuge is the Savannah River. This three-hour boat tour provides views of the Savannah Riverfront and an in-depth tour of the Georgia Ports Authority. It’s a naturalist’s dream come true!

The tour, led by a naturalist captain, ventures upriver from Savannah and navigates through portions of the 29,000-acre refuge’s tidal creeks and marshes. On the tour, you boat through what were plantation rice fields in the 18th century. Now, they are home to hundreds of bird species, diverse wildlife, and a remarkable ecosystem.

Learn about Savannah’s history, see the local wildlife thriving in the refuge, and explore the river and port on this unforgettable tour.

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