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Unique Things to do in Savannah, GA: A Local’s Guide

Outside Savannah was featured in Redfin’s awesome blog: Unique Things to do in Savannah, GA: A Local’s Guide

It’s Sea Turtle Season!

Here in the Savannah waters we are fortunate to host four of the seven majestic sea turtle species. Loggerheads are the most common in this area, but Leatherbacks, Kemp’s ridleys and Green Sea turtles also call our Coastal Empire waters home. The Loggerhead is the most common in this area and was named the official…


Savannah, Georgia is often associated with old Southern charms, like pitchers of homemade sweet tea, evenings spent catching fireflies, and the spooky lore of nearby cemeteries. If you spend even a minute outside, you’ll notice that the surrounding nature equally compliments the story with moss-draped oaks and foliage native to Georgia. Outside Savannah is one…


What do you think of when you think of Savannah, Georgia? Do you conjure mental images of the cobblestone streets, dotted with towering lamps, beautiful cypress trees, and wrought-iron rest benches? Does your mind wander to the historic Southern homes and Savannah museums? Savannah is actually the oldest city in Georgia, with adventures and historic…